File Name Date Description
The State of Polar Data -- the IPY Experience (PDF) June 2010 A pre-print of a report assessing IPY's data management efforts and making recommendations for the future. The final version will be published as part of a book on IPY outcomes.
IPY Results and Follow-On IPY Database Updating and Data Portal (PDF) March 2010 Secretariat Summary - WMO Executive Council Panel of Experts on Panel Observations Research and Services
Status and Plans for IPY Data Management (PDF) October 2009 A report to the WMO Executive Council Panel of Experts on Polar Observations, Research and Services (EC-PORS)
IPY Data Management Strategy, Status, and Roadmap (PDF) February 2009 IPY Data Committee report prepared for the 8th Meeting of the ICSU/WMO IPY Joint Committee
IPY Data Policy (PDF) May 2006, updated April 2008 Data Policy approved by the ICSU/WMO Joint Committee for IPY
IPY Data - Plans and Needs (PDF) November 2007 Document produced by David Carlson, Director of the IPY Programme Office, outlining the general strategy and critical needs to identify, serve, preserve, and coordinate IPY data.
IPY Data Management Discussions in Canada (PDF) October 2007 A report on the results of a data management workshop held in conjunction with the Joint Committee 6 meeting in Quebec.
Report on IPY Data Activities March–October 2007 (PDF) October 2007 Report from the IPY Data Committee to the Joint Committee 6 meeting in Quebec, October 2007. Includes information and descriptions of priorities, Data Coordinators, IPYDIS services, outreach and communication, international coordination proposals, national coordination activities, project status, data centers, scientist support, and archiving.
IPYDIS Town Hall Meeting (PDF) August 2007 Report on a town hall style meeeting held at the IPY GeoNorth Conference.
Preliminary Report on the 2nd IPY Data Policy and Management Subcommittee Meeting to the IPY Joint Committee (PDF) March 2007 Highlights, future plans, and recommendations from the 2nd IPY Data Policy and Management Subcommittee meeting.
Glaciological Data Report GD-33 (PDF file, ~1.56 MB) March 2006 Report on the inaugral IPY data management workshop held in Cambridge, UK, 3–4 March 2006. Contains guiding recomendations for the IPY Data Committee and IPYDIS.