Participate in the IPYDIS Community

The IPYDIS is only as effective as its members. We encourage broad informal and formal participation.

Formal Participation

The IPY Data Policy and Management Subcommittee has defined minimal requirements for an IPY Data Repository. If you are interested in being listed as an IPY Repository, please contact . We will publish a directory of IPYDIS members soon.

An IPY Data Repository must:

  • Contain data collected as part of IPY and specifically identify those data as IPY data
  • Provide continual access to IPY data
  • Ensure the long-term preservation of IPY data either at the repository or through a formal plan to transition the data to a suitable long-term repository
  • Adhere to the IPY Data Policy (PDF file, ~110 KB)
  • Adhere to standards and guidelines developed by the IPY Data Policy and Management Subcommittee, including the IPY Metadata Profile.

Informal Participation

We encourage broad participation and feedback on all matters related to IPY data. The IPY Data & Information Services Discussion Forum is the primary means of IPYDIS communication; go there to provide input and to find out the latest on IPYDIS activities.

We have also established an IPYDIS Wiki that can be used for collaborative activities.