The central goal of the IPYDIS is to provide access and expert stewardship of all IPY and related data. Because there is no funded, comprehensive IPY data system, we are striving to reach this goal through a network of existing and specially funded data centers, repositories, and distribution systems. The IPY data management community is in the process of building that network, and this site seeks to act as a coordination center or communications hub to facilitate that process.

The Data Access page describes a number of portals and centers that are currently providing access to IPY and related data.

A major challenge is to identify all IPY data that are collected explicitly as part of one of the IPY endorsed projects as recorded in the IPY Full Proposal database and illustrated in the IPY Honeycomb Chart. If you are a representative of one of these projects, please refer to the Data Submission page for information on how to register your archive, identify an appropriate archive, or to advertise your data.

We also want to identify ongoing or existing data streams that are providing data useful to IPY investigators. We plan to create a directory of IPYDIS partners and services. This will be available soon. If you or your organization are interested in being listed in that directory, please contact .

The IPY Data Policy and Management Subcommittee has identified a small set of required and recommended data description and exchange Standards to facilitate open, interoperable exchange and effective preservation of data.

Finally, in keeping with the strong educational and outreach emphasis of IPY, we seek to make data available and understandable to a broad, non-technical audience. We have created a narrative form of metadata called Data Stories, which provide the science, applications, and broader human context of the data. Coordinators are strongly encouraged to develop these narrative descriptions of the research process.