Data Submission

Submit your data now and win a trip to the IPY Open Science Conference in Oslo!

To ensure the legacy of IPY and in keeping with the IPY Data Policy (PDF), we seek to identify and track the location of all data collected explicitly as part of one of the IPY endorsed projects.

All IPY data should be published and available by March, 2010.

Please help us:

  1. Register your metadata: Make you data discoverable by submitting a description of your data to an appropriate data portal.
  2. Share your data: Make your data openly available in a data center or project repository.

To register your metadata:

The following countries have national IPY repositories. If you are from one of these countries follow the relevant link:

If you are from a different country please submit to the Global Change Master Directory's IPY portal

To share your data:

If you are from one of the countries listed above, the national repository can advise on where to archive your data.

If you know which IPY endorsed project you are part of, the IPYDIS directory lists relevant data centers associated with each project.

If you need further assistance, please contact